Dirty Burger certainly lives up to it’s name because I can tell you now I’ve never felt so filthy in all my life. Well that may be a slight exaggeration but I can feel the grease seeping through my pores. I was ever so slightly disappointed when I walked in, after walking round Pizza East looking confused we finally found the shed in the back in which the burgers are cooked. I get what they’re trying to do, I get that it’s supposed to be like a dirty burger van or hut or whatever but it really is small. After I while the place kind of grew on me and I liked the informal vibe that it has. It’s essentially a shed with a big table in the middle and some bar stools and ledge to eat off around the side. It’s got  a bar where you go up and order and a table where you serve yourself drinks. It’s an interesting concept and although it was hard to find, I liked it’s anonymity. I didn’t like that my Victorian Lemonade was from a bottle and a bit disappointed it didn’t come in a jam jar with a stripey straw like at Honest Burgers! The menu doesn’t have much to it, you’ve got breakfast (before 11am) or a cheeseburger, crinkle cut fries & onion fries. We ordered a burger each one of each fries to share. You collect the food from the bar and take it back to the table (I was too short to sit comfortably on the bar stools) on trays that are all mismatched which I quite enjoyed. Initially when I unwrapped the burger I commented on how small it was, the last couple of burgers I’ve had have been much bigger in comparison. The things that stood out most about the burger was the crispy fried cheese and the peppery flavour, both things that Honest Burgers and Patty&Bun didn’t have. The only problem is, with crispy fried cheese comes a lot of oil and the greasyness of the burger was slightly off putting. I don’t mind a bit of grease and the burger did taste really really good but the last two burgers I’ve experienced have been juicy not greasy and the liquid all over my fingers has been good, not bad. I guess the whole point is that the burger is dirty and who am I to complain, but I think I would have liked Dirty Burger a lot more if I didn’t have the other places to compare it to. Something I did like though was how hot it was, quite literally straight off the fryer and into my mouth, which is nice. Both lots of fries were also hot, the chips were perfectly crispy on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside. The onion fries are made with red onion which was a nice change but had a little bit too much batter for me. Overall I enjoyed myself but because this is a competition, I’m sorry Dirty Burger, you haven’t won.

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