My Quest to find the ultimate burger has come a long way this weekend. I couldn’t wait to start ticking places off my list and considering I had work ALL weekend, I decided I owed myself a treat. So this is what happened; 2 burgers, 2 restaurants, 2 days. Starting with Patty&Bun.

Shit the fucking bed. This burger was INSANE. Now I probably lessened my experience by having it to take away but it was my lunch break and it was a Saturday and the queue was way outside the door. We nearly turned around because when you haven’t eaten anything yet and it’s 4pm on a Saturday the last thing you want to do it wait ages for food. Luckily, there was no queue for takeaway and although we knew we would have to leg it back to Topshop to eat in our canteen before it was stone cold, we didn’t care. Firstly, even though we didn’t fully get to experience dining in, we did wait a while inside for the food, so I feel I got to understand what the place was all about. The service was great, the guy who served us was lovely and our food came relatively quickly. I ordered a Smokey Robinson (beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, mounds of caramelised onions, bacon, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, brioche) and Hannah (my friend and college who isn’t a veggie but always orders the veggie option) got the Portobello ‘dig it’ mushroom burger. The Diet Cokes could have been colder, not refrigerating drinks could be there only downfall. The wall art in the toilet and on the stairs was really cool and gave the place an edge that Honest Burger didn’t have. The menu also had the upper hand on Honest Burger due to its much larger selection, they get points for having chicken wings on the menu but then lose points for not having any left! Beer choices were good too, Red Stripe and Samuel Adams but no Budvar I’m afraid. So once we got our food and barged past the whole of London on the way back to work we finally sat down to devour the food and OH MY GOD was it worth it. Even with it being lukewarm I can hand on my heart say that it was the most delicious concoction of flavours I have ever experienced between a bun. The meat was pink and juicy and dripped all over the place as I ate the burger, the brioche was sweet and soft and probably the best bun out of all of the burgers I’ve tasted yet. The caramelised onions were what made the burger, they enhanced the flavour of everything and all the sauces and cheese came together to make one ridiculously satisfying party in my mouth. The rosemary chips weren’t a disappointment either, just as good as the Honest Burger ones, if not better and even though they were cold I still ate every last one. I don’t even know how to fault this place. I feel like it’s the most underrated of all and nobody really knows about it, so this is where you all need to go next, don’t even think about it, just go. Patty&Bun, NOW.

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