So tonight was the start of my mission to find London’s best burger. I’ve had a lot of stick for claiming that Meat Market’s Black Palace is the best burger I’ve ever eaten and now I’m on a quest to discover if this really is true. Starting with Honest Burgers and probably ending with me being fat and broke, join me on my hunt to find the juiciest, meatiest, tastiest burger on the market.

Now I know this is only burger pit stop number one but I think I could potentially be waving the red flag early because Honest Burgers gets a solid 10/10 for the burger itself. When we left I told my friend that I gave it an 8 but the more I think about it the more I realise how good it was. Never have I ever experienced juiciness like it. The juices were literally dripping from the beef, and not in an oily, greasy kind of way, but in a wonderful and magical kind of way that you don’t see very often. The toasted glazed bun was sweet and soft and really stood out as a pretty delicious bun. The rosemary chips were better than any of the crappy ‘fries’ you get in most burger establishments these days and with such a small menu and not much to choose from it’s pretty good to know that what you do get is going to be good. The coleslaw wasn’t amazing and I wouldn’t get it again but the lemonade in a jam jar with a stripey straw fully compensated where the coleslaw lacked. The decor is simple and although the place was full I wouldn’t write home about the atmosphere but it doesn’t really matter because the food speaks for itself. I cannot wait to take my Dad there (because they serve the meat pink) and hope that a lot of you go and check it out because as far as burgers go, this place has got it going on

734397_10151460084272642_744902761_n539042_10151460084352642_798683072_n 45508_10151460083937642_231199838_n 479785_10151460083837642_1591600354_n 304810_10151460084457642_619139285_n

550325_10151460084392642_346348119_nJust in case you were wondering if this had knocked Meat Market out of the competition, I’d say it’s close. Meat Market still wins for an overall experience (decor, chicken wings, cans of Budvar) but if we are scoring the burgers on quality, then Honest Burger wins by a mile. Sometimes you do just want a dirty, greasy, sloppy burger and that’s what Meat Market does best, but sometimes you want good quality beef and chips cooked to perfection, in which case Honest Burgers is your place.

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