Move over Nando's you've got some serious bloody competition when it comes to Chicken Shop. Only a stones throw away from Pizza East and Dirty Burger in Kentish Town - all part of the Soho House brand, this place really knows how to cook a chicken. And I mean, REALLY knows. It's puts Nando's to... Continue Reading →


Ever since the first time I went to Amsterdam about 4 years ago I've had an unhealthy obsession with Wok to Walk. For those of you that have never had the pleasure of experiencing it, it's Amsterdam's best fast food joint specializing in noodles and rice cooked in front of you, made to order in a huge... Continue Reading →


I spent most of last week in Birmingham, I had some time off work and I FINALLY got to go to The Junction in Harborne. Considering it's my boyfriends local and one of my favourite people ever works there, it's slightly obscene that this was just my first visit. I've been banging on about how... Continue Reading →


I wish I could say that the following is my handiwork, but it's not. I'd like to even just be able to say that I can bake, but I can't. The cakepops you see before you are the work of my wonderful friend, Amanda Bell. I'll keep this short and sweet because the pictures speak... Continue Reading →


Last night saw the beginning of my Bubbledogs obsession. Seriously, why the hell has it taken me SO long to go. I hadn't heard that much about it other than it does hot dogs and champagne and it's cool. The stuff I had heard was mediocre and that certainly does not describe what is it.... Continue Reading →


Dirty Burger certainly lives up to it's name because I can tell you now I've never felt so filthy in all my life. Well that may be a slight exaggeration but I can feel the grease seeping through my pores. I was ever so slightly disappointed when I walked in, after walking round Pizza East looking confused we... Continue Reading →


My Quest to find the ultimate burger has come a long way this weekend. I couldn't wait to start ticking places off my list and considering I had work ALL weekend, I decided I owed myself a treat. So this is what happened; 2 burgers, 2 restaurants, 2 days. Starting with Patty&Bun. Shit the fucking... Continue Reading →

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