So I took the boyfriend to Bristol this weekend to see Oliver as part of his Christmas present. There was no snow to be seen and for the first time in what seemed like forever, my fingers didn’t feel like they were going to drop off. The whole trip was a dream and other than my SatNav trying to ruin everything like it always does, the weekend was flawless. I have lots of recommendations to pass on, mainly food related of course but I couldn’t not talk about the hotel. I think I can honestly say, hand on heart, that Brooks Guesthouse has the most comfortable bed I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing, ever. Everything about the place was complete and utter perfection and the bed, oh my god the bed. The mattress was like sinking down into heaven and the duvet and pillows, though they massively upset my boyfriend – who at the last minute told me he was allergic to feathers, were the reason I had one of the best nights sleep of my life. We felt welcome from the moment we arrived until the minute we left, the breakfast was delicious – cooked right in front of you by the guy who owns the place. The room and bathroom, although small – were both lovely and we were right slap bang in the middle of everything. For £80 a night for a small double you really cannot go wrong. They even sort out £10 parking in a nearby NCP. All in all, Brooks Guesthouse was a success. 196225_10151454446912642_1047842922_n484758_10151454447077642_790416499_n 226083_10151454448542642_740341247_n 310092_10151454448437642_1993013975_n 379173_10151454450152642_289586620_n 388726_10151454447112642_1786791671_n424402_10151454449022642_702607778_n 387086_10151454448902642_1449444573_n 385240_10151454448787642_1150290054_n 150050_10151454450232642_648544285_n 196405_10151454450302642_1174145885_n 22110_10151454448847642_171393964_nThe first thing we did after we checked in was head over to St Nicolas Market which was quite literally on our doorstep. I had been so excited to go to Grill Stock – a BBQ food stall that’s highly recommended on all Bristol food blogs. Unfortunately for me they were closing just as I got there, which was utterly ridiculous because everywhere else stayed open for at least another hour. I wasn’t impressed to say the least but sucked it up and chose the next best thing, ‘Caribbean Wrap‘. My boyfriend is a big fan of Caribbean food and this had kind of rubbed off on me. We ordered mutton curry, rice & peas and dumpling to share – It was good but when you’re craving BBQ pulled pork, I’m afraid nothing else can quite hit the spot. To be fair to them it was good curry, the meat cooked well and the sauce was really tasty. The dumpling was perfectly crispy on the outside and doughy and soft on the inside. It was good value for a big portion which was more than enough for two.

602823_10151454447267642_1989613841_n 62367_10151454447472642_564608573_n 150622_10151454447382642_146085720_nWe discovered this adorable little coffee shop called Swinky’s that I’m pretty sure is at the bottom of the road that Freddie skates down in Skins. It was like a little candy wonderland full of every American treat you could think of and they had the most extensive hot chocolate list I have ever seen. In the end I went for salted caramel and Joe got Kinder Bueno. Mine just tasted like a really nice hot chocolate but Joe’s ACTUALLY tasted like Kinder Bueno and it was immense. Highly recommend this place for anyone with a sweet tooth.75800_10151454447617642_1460988956_n269265_10151454447767642_1185060755_n36537_10151454447712642_592507569_nGuerrilla Burger was our place of choice for dinner and it is well worth a visit. I heard about it through a few Bristol food blogs and I’m so glad I did. Essentially this place is a cool new hangout spot in Bristol that serves cocktails and sliders but in reality it is so much more. Any place that brings over vegetable crisps and meaty popcorn on arrival has my vote. The service is great, all the staff are young and good looking, the menu is incredible – goats cheese and mushroom filo bombs are a definite favourite and the list of sliders is mouthwatering. I went for the blue cheese beef burger and the panko chicken with cheddar and Joe had chorizo beef burger and a royale with cheese with a side portion of chorizo croquettes. Everything was delicious and the fact that they serve our favourite beer – Budvar only added to the evening. The small portions were ideal because we weren’t actually that hungry but if I were to go again I’d probably go on an empty stomach and order one of everything because it all sounded so delicious. The frozen yoghurt and the cocktail list were both very tempting but we just didn’t have room so I’d definitely like to go back in the near future, fingers crossed they will open up in London or Birmingham some time soon. 424854_10151454447837642_1449987069_n67916_10151454447912642_1838585199_n 312483_10151454448182642_1991073889_n 428222_10151454448082642_1058965953_n 533636_10151454448047642_1027228814_n 735192_10151454448362642_1961138532_n 23356_10151454447997642_590931981_nLast but not least, the final place on my list of Bristol recommendations is somewhere we came across by accident, whilst walking around Stokes Croft looking at graffiti. After deciding that we both really fancied a roast – it being Sunday and all, we went in and out of a few pubs looking for the right place. Eventually we settled upon a cute little venue called The Social that served me the best veggie roast I’ve ever tasted. Parsnip, butternut squash and apple crumble may not be your usual roast dinner ingredient but alongside the roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, seasonal vegetables and under lashings of rosemary gravy it went down an absolute treat! Trust me.
387022_10151454450612642_1758569695_n 533689_10151454450532642_1467226167_n537140_10151454450392642_565609486_n14931_10151454447537642_1276750742_n

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  1. Hi Lucy, many thanks for the great review. So glad you enjoyed our food and concept. We certainly are thinking of opening in London and Birmingham in the future, I’ll keep you posted! Love GB!


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