Last night I went for a pre theatre meal at HIX in Soho with my Mum. I’ve been wanting to go there for a while and couldn’t believe my luck when my Mum said she wanted to take me. If it wasn’t January and I wasn’t trying to ‘be good’ like everyone else on the planet and if money was no issue then I probably would have gone all out and ordered a steak but I’m not the biggest steak eater and the starters were what really caught my eye on the menu.

I went for the oxtail soup with maple peas and the whipped beets with goats curd and hazelnuts. My Mum and I also shared root vegetable crisps and spotted dick. The crisps and the dessert stole the show for me and were without a doubt the best part of the meal. The soup was delicious and the portion was good, my only fault was that it was a bit fatty but it didn’t really matter because the flavours were mouthwatering. The whipped beets was a little less amazing but an interesting dish nonetheless. I’m a really big beetroot, goats cheese and hazelnut fan so I kind of thought I couldn’t go wrong but I really wasn’t sure about the combination. I pushed the hazelnuts to one side and lathered the whipped beats and goats curd onto the bread and it was nice but I don’t think I’d order it again. The spotted dick was insane, the whole thing was incredible and I could have eaten it twice. I’d definitely go back to HIX and I’d probably go all out next time, the place is really cool, the bar downstairs looked like fun and overall I really enjoyed the experience.
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