I’m off to Bristol this weekend with the boyfriend and I’m really excited about the potential food blogging opportunities. The last time we went away we went to Brighton and had some ridiculous seaside grub that you all need to know about. First off, our hotel was INSANE. The place is called MyHotel and I would recommend it to anyone, especially if you like pink. They sent us free cocktails to our room, courtesy of Merkaba,  the in hotel tikki bar and they were fucking delicious. At £99 a night per room this is the only place worth staying in Brighton, the staff are friendly, it’s right slap bang in the middle of everything and it’s so stupidly cool.

I can safely say I had the best toastie of my entire life in Brighton, at a little place called Toasters on Market Street (The Lanes). They don’t even have a website but honestly, go there. Even if you just go to Brighton for the toastie, you wont be making a mistake. Trust me. Fish ‘n’ chips by the sea was a given. I’m sure it tastes the same in all the little huts along the beach but the one we found, by accident, because all the others were closed, was just perfect. Neither myself or my boyfriend being massive fish ‘n’ chip fans were still pretty impressed by the crispy batter, fresh (you’d hope so too) fish and perfectly mushy, mushy peas. I absolutely drenched it in salt ‘n’ vinegar and it couldn’t have been more perfect. And finally, the doughnuts. Bloody hell the doughnuts. You’re not allowed to lick your lips til the end and the cinnamon ones are wonderful. You cannot go to Brighton and not experience the hot doughnuts on the pier. Fact.

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