Dach and Sons.

I went to Dach and Sons a while back and didn’t have the greatest experience. I wasn’t blown away by the food and the waitress was a bitch. The place is really cool though, located at the top of Hampstead heath it’s a really quirky little place that specializes in beer and sliders. The best thing about the whole meal was the meaty popcorn which was incredible. I’d go back and give this place a second chance purely so I could eat the popcorn again. We shared some bits to start, the deep fried pickles were nice but really, really greasy, the sweet potato fries were far too sweet and tasted like maple syrup in solid form and the chips cooked in beef dripping were delicious but again, really greasy. My friend ordered the fried chicken sliders which I was really jealous of and I ordered the Hot Dog. It wasn’t what I expected and it wasn’t brilliant. The sausage didn’t fit in the bun, it was ridiculously overpriced at £8 for what was essentially a sausage, bbq sauce and chopped tomatoes and it didn’t taste that good. I’d like to go back and order differently because I feel like the place has potential, but on first impression I wasn’t satisfied.
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