The Arkley.

Yesterday I went for lunch at a pub/restaurant called The Arkley, It’s relatively local to me but I’ve not been before. I enjoyed my meal and the place was really nicely decorated but they insisted on keeping the doors open when it was below zero temperatures outside and the waitress didn’t really know her arse from her elbow. I ordered the pork belly braised in marmalade and szechuan pepper served with pomme purée and cooking liquor, green beans and roasted pine nuts and it was good. There could have been more green beans and the meat could have been a little less tough but it tasted nice and I didn’t have food envy of anybody else so all in all I did well. 185480_10151439111292642_348986237_n

528937_10151439111032642_923965663_n149318_10151439111147642_790889113_n71885_10151439111477642_1817916856_n312475_10151439111612642_2123431069_n537195_10151439111387642_974965920_n487176_10151439111792642_1508869789_nThe Kids menu was ridiculous, my one and a half year old nephew was given an entire adults size pizza and although this filled him with great delight, it was just an insane amount of food to be served to a child. Everybody else’s meals looked alright but it’s not somewhere I would recommend massively for the food I’m afraid. I tried a BBQ chicken wing from the sticky platter and wasn’t impressed but the sausage and mash was nicely presented and the risotto balls looked good.  The sticky toffee pudding was tasty but not warm enough and the spanish doughnuts were actually disgusting. They tasted like onion rings and the chocolate sauce was too bitter. Unfortunately it is safe to say that I won’t be going back in a hurry.

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