Bodeans BBQ.

So if you’re a meat eater and you’ve got a big appetite then you’re in for a treat. Bodeans is good authentic american BBQ, It’s pretty simple; ribs, chicken & pulled pork. I had been wanting to go for SO long, that when I did go, I went all out. I highly recommend the sharing platters to anyone going for the first time, to get a real taste of what they offer. The pulled pork is what they’re famous for, I’d never not have it, the burnt ends are insanely good and the ribs are delicious. I could give or take the chicken but as chicken goes, it’s good. Everything was sticky and sweet and barbecued to perfection. Definitely have the sweet potato fries and try and make room for dessert. When I went it was a Friday night and we waited two hours for a table downstairs. We didn’t start eating until gone 10pm but it didn’t matter because we got drunk at a bar down the street and they called us when our table was ready. You can cut that out by eating in the bit upstairs (This was in the Soho branch) but I wanted the full experience. With fantastic atmosphere and great service, Bodeans is well worth a visit if you want an enjoyable night out with good food and lot’s of fun.


Leftover sandwiches the next day went down an absolute treat.

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