Meat Market.

I cannot keep up with the amount of burger places around these days. Once I’ve sampled Honest Burger, Dirty Burger, Patty & Bun and Meat Mission I’ll have a better understanding of whether Meat Market is actually ‘The Best Burger In Town’ but until then, I’m gonna go with yes.

I’ve been twice in one week, I’ve dreamed about it continuously and I’ve recommended it to many. Meat Market’s casual fast food diner atmosphere and really good food are a winning combination. Don’t expect to spend longer than half an hour in there but do expect that half an hour to be spectacular. Now that I’ve discovered what I like I have no need to order anything else but I recommend you go see for yourself, honestly you wont be disappointed.



The Black Palace burger, I love you. I didn’t even really like burgers until I tasted this monster. 2 patties, grilled white onions, pickles, cheese, ketchup & mustard. I honestly dream about this burger on a regular basis, it is just so good.


Budweiser Budvar in cans the most perfect size, a little pricey for a small can but worth it when you taste how good it is. The buffalo chicken wings are the dogs bollocks. There is absolutely nothing I can say to fault them. They are absolute perfection.


I wasn’t a massive fan on the chilli cheese dog but that isn’t a reflection on the dog itself, it’s probably my fault for eating it after a Black Palace burger.

I know I have a lot of burgers to sample, but I don’t understand how anything could possibly make my mouth water, like Meat Market.

The Deck Jubilee Market HallTavistock Street Covent Garden London WC2E 8DE (near Wagamama)

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  1. I was of the same mind about the meat empire until my last 3 visits. Tried meat mission , full of excitement! It was shocking. No seasoning, grey burgers and raw fries. Same went for market and liquor. So disappointed, what a Shame. 3 chances and I’m done I’m afraid. Sad burger day


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