Azzari Too, Birmingham.

I have to thank my boyfriend for this one. Azzari Too is without a doubt my favourite place to eat in Birmingham. Located in Bearwood, not somewhere I would normally go, this place honestly is such a little find. Check out their menu so you can see what I mean by there is literally something for everyone. I’ve eaten there twice now and I’ve honestly not been disappointed. Both times Joe (the boyfriend) has had the same thing – Sticky bbq chicken wings to start (of course) and the Jerk chicken with rice + beans +rocket +fried plantain +salsa. It’s fail safe for him and it’s a winner. The first time I went I had the Goats cheese bruchetta + red onion jam, it comes with rocket and pesto and is absolutely the most delicious thing to grace my lips. You cant really go wrong if you give me goats cheese and mixed with the red onion jam it is just the most sensational combination. It’s so good that I’d never even bother trying anything else.

On my first trip to Azzari Too, when I saw  the Aubergene + red peppers + mozerella layers + pesto + tomato sharing plate I couldn’t resist ordering it as a main. They were out of red peppers so replace them with mushrooms and although I was expecting it to be melted it honestly was something else. The ingredients they use are so fresh and everything tastes so good it’s just such a good find. The second time I went I decided to actually have a main and after much deliberation went for the Sticky duck leg in a spicy soya sauce + lime rice + bok choy. I don’t even know where to start, it was SO good. Seriously, insane. The duck was cooked to perfection, the sauce was sweet but had a kick, the rice was delicious and zingy and the bok choy was a perfect accompaniment to the dish. All of this was washed down with my all time favourite – Pinot Gregio rose blush in a nice huge wine glass with a thin rim, just how I like it.

All in all I have no bad words to say about the place, the atmosphere is romantic and cosy, the staff are friendly, welcoming and an absolute pleasure to be around. Each time I’ve been I’ve felt like my experience couldn’t get any better but I’m sure it will and I hope to visit again soon and make my way through the menu until I’ve tried it all.

Well done guys, for a small family run place in the middle of a practically unknown part of Birmingham, you’re really doing a brilliant job.


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