So I took the boyfriend to Bristol this weekend to see Oliver as part of his Christmas present. There was no snow to be seen and for the first time in what seemed like forever, my fingers didn't feel like they were going to drop off. The whole trip was a dream and other than... Continue Reading →


I'm off to Bristol this weekend with the boyfriend and I'm really excited about the potential food blogging opportunities. The last time we went away we went to Brighton and had some ridiculous seaside grub that you all need to know about. First off, our hotel was INSANE. The place is called MyHotel and I would recommend... Continue Reading →


I've been to Meat Liquor a couple of times and I really feel like I need to go back. My current obsession with Meat Market means that I've kind of neglected it's sister restaurant but that's not to mean it's forgotten. The deep fried pickles, chicken wings and dirty chicken burger absolutely smash it but for me... Continue Reading →


Last night I went for a pre theatre meal at HIX in Soho with my Mum. I've been wanting to go there for a while and couldn't believe my luck when my Mum said she wanted to take me. If it wasn't January and I wasn't trying to 'be good' like everyone else on the... Continue Reading →

Dach and Sons.

I went to Dach and Sons a while back and didn't have the greatest experience. I wasn't blown away by the food and the waitress was a bitch. The place is really cool though, located at the top of Hampstead heath it's a really quirky little place that specializes in beer and sliders. The best thing about the... Continue Reading →

The Arkley.

Yesterday I went for lunch at a pub/restaurant called The Arkley, It's relatively local to me but I've not been before. I enjoyed my meal and the place was really nicely decorated but they insisted on keeping the doors open when it was below zero temperatures outside and the waitress didn't really know her arse from... Continue Reading →

Harborne, Birmingham.

As you may have guessed by now, I spend a lot of time in Birmingham. Don't knock it til you've tried it, it's not as bad as you may think. I kind of see it as my second home and the more time I spend in the city of dreams, the more of its culinary... Continue Reading →

The Londesborough

In September I went to a wedding. It was the wonderful wedding of two wonderful people but the most wonderful thing about the whole thing was the food. Honest to God, I couldn't get over how ridiculously delicious the food was. Luckily for you the wedding was in a pub in Stoke Newington and they... Continue Reading →

Bodeans BBQ.

So if you're a meat eater and you've got a big appetite then you're in for a treat. Bodeans is good authentic american BBQ, It's pretty simple; ribs, chicken & pulled pork. I had been wanting to go for SO long, that when I did go, I went all out. I highly recommend the sharing... Continue Reading →

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